About Us

Who Are We?

Ancestral forest is designed and operated by Digitalica Limited, an IT company based in Sheffield, England. Our core business is the design of internet based content management systems and social networking websites.

Our Service

Having used various PC based genealogy systems, it occurred to us some time ago that we could produce comparable facilities over the internet, but without compromising on the overall service.

Like many who use the internet, we find the proliferation of intrusive advertising is beginning to spoil our enjoyment of some websites. We have therefore taken the decision to provide the Ancestral Forest website as a subscription service. Don't get us wrong, like other companies who provide services over the internet, we want to make a living. We just prefer to use subscriptions to finance our work, allowing you, your friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labour without the distraction of advertising.

We are not in the business of providing access to birth, marriage and death indexes. We concentrate our resources on providing a top class service with an ever expanding list of features.

We expect you to want to impose your own identity on your work, so we provide a variety of tools to allow you to customise your family tree pages to look how you want them to.

We don't approve of spam and certainly will not encourage it's proliferation by doing it to you. If as a member you elect to receive our regular newsletter, great - we look forward to bringing you news as this service is steadily improved. If not, we hope you pick up on new features via the latest news pages (accessible from our home page).