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Check this page for announcements regarding the Ancestral Forest service.

New Demonstration System (24th March 2011)

Our product tour has been enhanced to include a demonstration version of our member area, so that potential new members can see what we have to offer before they register.

If you would like to look at the demonstration system just click on this link or follow the link within our product tour page.

Time For A Makeover! (11th January 2011)

We spent a significant part of 2010 designing and building a new version of the Ancestral Forest website, which we have now implemented.

The styling and layout of the previous version was becoming rather dated (it was originally designed to cater for monitors with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels), so we have increased the page sizes to fill more of the screen. We have not altered the content yet, but these changes will allow us to display more information on each page in the future!

We have also made changes to the general layout and navigation menus of the Ancestral Forest website so you may find that the way you access parts of the site is a little different. Please bear with us while you get used to them!

It's been quiet, but ... (14th March 2010)

... we have been busy! We have taken a few months out to improve our administrative systems so that we can continue to give you the service you expect (due to increasing membership numbers, our original system was beginning to struggle).

We are now returning to our primary goal - improving the facilities offered to members and guests, so expect further announcements in the near future!

Saving Data (7th November 2009)

Would members please note that we have made a change to the way you save data for an indiviual leaf.

You must now save your data for each section of an individual's details (i.e. Main Details; Events; Note 1; Note 2; Note 3; Note 4) before proceeding to the next section.

This change is to address an intermittent technical fault that would otherwise be beyond our control.

While this means that you may have to save your data more often, we do not expect this to cause any great inconvenience as the system is responding pretty quickly anyway!

Our thanks to the two members who helped us investigate this problem.

Multiple Currencies (27th May 2009)

Ancestral Forest now accepts payment for membership and gift vouchers in a variety of currencies. You can now choose to pay in any of the following:

Australian Dollars (AUD)
Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Euros (EUR)
Pounds Sterling (GBP)
New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
US Dollars (USD)

April 09 System Enhancements (10th April 2009)

Members can now switch between member and guest views of their family trees. This allows members to check the appearance of their trees from their guest's perspective.

We have introduced a "tip of the day" feature to member's and guest's home pages. These tips are designed to help members and guests get the most out of Ancestral Forest by extending their knowledge of the system's features.

Pudsey Family & Local History Fair (4th April 2009)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a very successful day at the Family and Local History Fair in Pudsey on Saturday 4th April 2009.

Welcome to the many new members who joined at the fair and those that subsequently joined after checking out our website.

East Anglia Family History Fair (29th March 2009)

It was great to meet everyone who stopped by at the East Anglia Family History Fair at St Andrews Hall in Norwich on Sunday 29th March 2009.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Welcome to those that joined as new members in Norwich.

Merseyside & Cheshire Family History Fair (8th March 2009)

Our thanks to everyone who provided feedback at the Merseyside & Cheshire Family History Fair in Port Sunlight on Sunday 8th March.

Particular thanks to the new members who joined Ancestral Forest on Sunday - you are all welcome!

Gift vouchers (12th December 2008)

Ancestral Forest are pleased to announce the introduction of gift vouchers. You can now pay for a friend or relative to join Ancestral Forest by buying a gift voucher. Several designs are available, covering Christmas, birthdays and more general use.

Family Message Board (20 November 2008)

We have now completed development of our family message board. This will allow a member and all guests attached to a particular tree to contribute comments and photographs to a message board linked to the tree.

This facility is being made available as a pilot implementation to selected members and their guests. Message boards will be rolled out to remaining members once the pilot has been evaluated.

Ancestral Forest Pilot Completion (6th September 2008)

We have now completed our pilot project following extensive testing and evaluation. Our thanks to everyone who took part!

Descendant Tree Zoom Enhancement (15th August 2008)

We have increased the number of levels of magnification on descendant trees to 5.

Search Leaves Enhancement (24th July 2008)

The search leaves option within the member area has been enhanced to allow selection of an individual with a single click

My Preferences - Tree Graphics Improvements(9th July 2008)

The choice of backgrounds for descendant trees has been expanded, giving greater choice.

Member Messaging (11th June 2008)

Full members can now contact each other using our new member messaging service. Simply click on the "My messages" link within your home page.

Contact Page (7th April 2008)

Our contact page is now available for you to request support or provide feedback.

Ancestral Forest Pilot (5th April 2008)

The Ancestral Forest Pilot Project has now started. The intention is to iron out any remaining bugs in the system and evaluate new features before offering the full system to the public.

Data Security (31st March 2008)

Notification of the Ancestral Forest service has now been submitted to the Information Commissioners Office.