Ancestral Forest Tour

We highlight some of the features that make Ancestral Forest the place to grow your family tree....

What is Ancestral Forest?

The answer is in the name - it is a collection of family trees.

Ancestral Forest is a genealogy application that allows you to create and maintain your family tree on the internet, then share it with friends and family wherever they are in the world!

What can I do with Ancestral Forest?


Create your own family tree on-line using simple, easy to use tools to store, organise and share your research.

You can store each individual within your family tree, detailing where and when they were born and died.

Then add their husbands or wives and children.


You can add a series of notes giving details of your relative's lives. It's really up to you how detailed you want to make it.

It's quick and it's easy - with Ancestral Forest!


You specify the relationship between individuals within your family tree. Then at the touch of a button, Ancestral Forest will produce family tree structures showing the relationship between the individuals in your tree


Create your own individual style...

It's your family tree, so you can create your own presentation style. Choose from a range of fonts, colours, textures and backgrounds to create a tree that reflects your own tastes.


A picture is worth a thousand words.....

You can add your own photographs to bring your tree to life.

It's easy to upload pictures from your pc into your tree.

Attach portraits to individuals, then illustrate your notes using pictures taken at significant times in their lives.


Prefer to keep your tree private?

No problem - you decide who has access to your tree.

You can keep your work to yourself, or grant access to a selected group of people.

Just get your relatives to register as guests and they can then keep up to date with developments.


Safe and secure

When it comes to your data, we take our responsibility very seriously.

Your identity is protected by using an anonymous username and we do not divulge your e-mail address to anyone - not even other members.

We are sure that you are not signing up for unsolicited junk mail, whether by post or e-mail. That's why we never pass your details to anyone else.


Can't see the wood for the trees?

You and your guests can zoom in and out at the click of a button, allowing you to view your family tree at the magnification you feel comfortable with.


No adverts!

We are sure that you would rather your audience saw your family tree without the distraction of advertisements.

So your guests won't be invited to buy holidays or insurance!

What if I get stuck?

We provide help and advice on how to use Ancestral Forest as well as hints and tips on how to research your family tree.

You will find that help panels are provided at all points in the system where we think you may need advice. There is also an online user guide, a set of frequently asked questions for the issues that commonly arise and failing all that, our support team are on hand to provide assistance by e-mail.


I already have a family tree...

If you have already created a family tree on a PC based genealogy package, you can import your existing work from your PC without having to re-enter all your data.

Export a GEDCOM file from your existing family tree and Ancestral Forest will do the rest for you.

Who else is in the forest?


Browse through thousands of names using our search facility to see if your relatives are already here. You can contact other members to exchange information using our messaging service.

Trees thrive better in the company of other trees, both in nature and in genealogy!

Can I see a demonstration?


Actions speak louder than words! We are now providing a demonstration version of our member area, so that you can see some of the facilities available to our members for yourself.

By clicking on the demonstration button, a new window will open, allowing you to sign in to our demonstration system.


Is that all?

Absolutely not! We want to keep you as a member and to do that we recognise the need for a continuously improving service.

We have a long list of new features we are working on so you can expect to see Ancestral Forest get better and better!

Join as a member today and you can be reaping the benefits of Ancestral Forest within minutes!


OK, how do I join?

Register as a member (to create and maintain your own family tree) or as a guest (to view other members trees*)
*subject to obtaining authorisation from the member who owns the tree

Registration as a guest is free.

Registration as a member is subject to payment of an annual subscription of $ 16.49 (USD)

(Please note that we accept payment in Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling,
New Zealand dollars and US dollars. You can choose any of these currencies at the point of payment.)